Industries we serve

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Automotive Industry
  • Electronic Manufacturing
  • High Tech Manufacturing
  • Food & Drug Manufacturing
  • Laboratories
  • Biomedical & Research
  • Science & Testing
  • Aerospace

Cleanroom construction

Pharma-Clean staff manage the entire construction of your clean rooms. This includes the assembly of the cleanroom; the installation of all the services including HVAC & ducting, lighting & electrical, floor coverings & coving and any internal fit out or furnishings where required.


Suitable for all cleanroom classifications, the Pharma-Clean Cleanroom System is designed for compliance with FDA, GMP and ISO 14644 standards. Our quality program is based on the principle of designing, manufacturing and building cleanroom systems for project success and in accordance with ISO guidelines.


The most important feature in our technology is the speciality and flexibility. There is no any limit of customisation of standard type Pharma Clean Rooms and our equipments. Thanks to our special technology our products are all can be personalized.

Why Choose Us

      • Competitive pricing due to our clean room construction technology…
      • Personalized manufacturing technology…
      • Full ISO14644 and GMP Compliance of our controlled athmosphere cleanrooms….
      • Our goal is to meet our customers’ requirements and satisfaction…
      • From design to handover everything is prepared and implemented by our professional team…

Our new product range

ECOBOX transfer hatches and bass boxes are a cost effective solution to minimising operator traffic in cleanroom environments. Their use will reduce the amount of particulate contamination  entering the cleanroom by enabling equipment and materials to be transferred into and out of the the environment  without the need for personnel to enter or leave the cleanroom. More information here
ECOBOX Clean Room pass boxes, by PharmaClean