Clean Room walls

Particles emitted by building materials can be interfere with manufacturing activities. Due to its low particle emission, Pharma-Clean contribute positively to high level of air cleanliness required in clean room environments. Pharma-Clean walls is classified ISO Class 5 in accordance with ISO 14644-1, this corresponds with Class 100 of US Federal Standard 209E.

Pharma-Clean clean room walls are light-weight, simple to install and achieve exceptional thermal performance thanks to their unique, PIR foam or mineral wool core.

The Pharma-Clean Hardwall Cleanrooms can be easily installed in any location to provide a Clean Environment where the customer needs it.  Our hardwall cleanrooms are constructed on site from pre-cut, semi finished components, such as walls, corner coving, plinths and other parts. All corners and joints can be customized at the site with simple conversation. This option gives you great flexibility during construction, or interim changes.

Our hardwall cleanrooms are constructed using a smooth continuous material that is air tight, resistant to corrosion, bumps and scratches and also importantly easy to clean. All internal corners are rounded and made of powder coated aluminium material. We are constructing all the details focusing on ISO-14644, FED209, GMP or other valid standards. There are no visible fixations, gaps, or sratched surfaces. We are not using static plastic parts, and always avoid horizontal sufaces in order to reduce the risk of unnecessary contamination.

All components are manufactured from long lasting and easily cleaned materials to ensure years of uninterrupted service. The construction is lightweight and can easily be extended, dismantled or relocated if required. With a choice of different size standard elements, a hugely varied variety of working areas can be constructed.

Clean room ceilings

Our Pharma-Clean walkable ceiling systems provide a cost-effective and straightforward solution for proper maintenance of cleanroom equipment and facility services.

Pharma-Clean walkable ceiling panels are made with PIR or Mineral wool insulated sandwich panels which provides additional structural integrity. The structural properties of these walkable insulated ceiling panels make them suitable for walkable ceiling and roof applications where pedestrian traffic and mechanical abuse are common.

We use patented wire rope suspension solutions for hanging our false ceiling systems to the existing building construction. Using this suspension system our walkable ceiling panels are incredibly strong and easy to install at the site.

We can install ceiling applications (such as Hepa filters, Light fittings, etc) in any position. We propose our walkable ceiling solutions to be used in any controlled environment, where access to the fitting from above the controlled area is preferred. Using this technology Pharma Clean false ceilings and its installed applications are accessible from the technical void above the controlled area, thus reducing the potential risk of contamination within the controlled area.

Pharma Clean walkable ceilings are non-porous and non-absorbant and can incorporate, flush fitting lighting, access hatches, air vents, sprinklers, etc.

As an option we can deliver light weight modular clean room ceiling systems. Our light weight ceiling systems are non walkable. Hygienic light weight false ceiling products have a durable and special coated white surface, providing high waterrepellence and low dirt pick-up. This clean room ceilings has a low particle emission resulting in Clean Room Classification ISO Class 5. Their 100 % stone wool core provides no sustenance to harmful micro-organisms.

All products in the light weight ceiling range will withstand frequent cleaning and will not continue dripping after the cleaning process has taken place, thus minimising downtime. Hygienic will withstand frequent low or highpressure washing.

With its completely sealed edges, lightweight clean room ceilings are suitable for environments with more severe cleaning exposure.

Our wall&ceiling systems can be supplied and assembled by the manufacturer only. Our clean room  wall and ceiling systems can be professionally installed by our trained fitters.  For further information please contact us!

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